Our Charity

Wolverine's charitable aim is to give opportunity to all suitable young athletes to participate and develop as a person through top flight competitive cheerleading irrespective of their financial situation.  Set up as the regions only Cheer charity we aim to keep subscriptions as low as possible and support our members in times of financial hardship so the athletes can continue their cheer pathway and achieve their full potential.


Competitive Cheer is a very challenging team sport.  Highly competitive, it requires bravery, ambition, dedication, discipline, teamwork, strength, fitness and agility.  Similar to Rugby it has opportunities for all shapes and sizes and creates amazing camaraderie and loyalty across social, all religious and ethnic groups.  These are all the skills and experiences that will stand our cheerleaders in good stead for the rest of their lives.


From our young athletes perspective it is also "cool" which makes it a desirable form of fitness and partly explains why Wolverines has grown by over 200% from 21 to 65 members in just 21 months.  The organisation has expanded rapidly, it successfully competes with 5 teams at the top national competitions, frequently achieving a top 5 placing. Ultimately competitive success is what drives our athletes.

Our Community Fund

This fund assists members who are suffering, often temporary, financial hardships and are acknowledged as living below the national living wage.  Up to 20% of our athletes may be benefitting at any one time.  It helps with monthly subscriptions, uniform and competition entry fees.  Each assistance program is set up to suit the individual's needs on a strictly confidential basis and is reviewed regularly against government set criteria.


Our community fund relies heavily on donations and grants, without our funders generous support up to 12 athletes would not be able to participate.  This would directly impact all the teams and our 65 members.  We need your help, if you or your organisation would like to contribute to or sponsor this social program, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss in more detail and answer any specific queries.

The big one "Operation Base"

In some respects Wolverines is in danger of becoming a victim of its own success.  With rapidly increasing membership and continued competitive success our current shared training location is at it's maximum capacity.  Apart from adding up to 25 athletes to existing teams we cannot grow further in our current location.


Due to our training facilities shared multipurpose roles we are not able to offer our athletes such benefits as permanent professional tumbling facilities and the all important full size competition sprung floor to train on.  We are relying on an inflatable tumble track generously funded by The Four Lanes Trust and a smaller area of training mats instead.


Our success against corporate cheer programs despite these handicaps is a major endorsement of our athletes and coaching team.  The truth is within the next 18 months we expect to no longermeet the growing local community need without finding our own training facilities.  This is Operation Base.


Our initial requirment is funding the project and then finding a minimum 3,500sqft property for conversion in the Basingstoke area.  We need to raise a maximum of £ 25,000.  Our athletes, their parents and the Trustees are all planning to do their bit.  We are looking at several scenarios including turning the facility into a community asset that can be used by other local groups when not required by Wolverines.


The Base will allow the club to grow from 5 to 10 teams, add to our pathway from current cheer levels 1 to 3 up to 1 to 6 and provide opportunities for up to 250 local young athletes to progress to international competitive standards.  This will benefit the Basingstoke and Deane region not just Wolverines.


From October 2016 all fundraising activities not already pledged to an existing project will be allocated to Operation Base.  


All individual donations will be gratefully received.  Please help if you can.  Your name will be added to our Heroes wall once the building is complete.


There also exists several corporate sponsorship opportunities.  For example, individual corporate team sponsorship, equipment and building / infrastructure funding.  Do you know of a suitable location?  If you wish to participate you will be contributing to creating a lasting local legacy that will over time help hundreds of local young and disadvantaged athletes add all the values of competitive cheerleading to thier lives.


Please contact Paul Fennell to discuss your ideas, find out more or explore sponsorship opportunities etc and please give what you can via our fundraising button.

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